funeral director

The overwhelmed funeral home resorted to putting dozens of bodies in the rented vehicles.
When part of your job is embalming, the rules change a little.
“Don’t presume just because it’s in a lawsuit that it’s true,” said the attorney for the county board of supervisors.
Critics across the ideological spectrum argue that occupational licensing regimes do little to protect consumers from incompetent practitioners and instead raise costs for consumers by stifling competition and imposing barriers to entry.
Perhaps there's no greater freedom than to live life with a healthy relationship with death. That healthy relationship allows you embracing each moment, realizing that we are not promised tomorrow. This good relationship with death has been given to me by the funeral profession.
Even as a funeral director, I myself once felt uncomfortable with the idea of deathbed/funeral selfies. But as I've seen more and more people take these photos, I've slowly become more open.
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Dane's solution: she found unidentified ashes at the Lake County crematorium, put them in a cardboard box, bought a metal