funeral home

Colorado police accused Miles Harford of hiding the woman’s corpse and hoarding the cremated remains of at least 30 people.
The remains of at least 189 people were found Oct. 4 by authorities responding to a report of an “abhorrent smell” inside the company’s decrepit building.
“My mom’s last wish was for her remains to be scattered in a place she loved, not rotting away in a building,” said Tanya Wilson, who believes she spread fake ashes in Hawaii.
That number is up from about 115 reported when the bodies were discovered two weeks ago, officials said Tuesday.
At least 115 bodies have been found at Return to Nature Funeral Home, and a suspension letter from state regulators said the owner claimed he was doing taxidermy.
One Los Angeles funeral home is averaging about 30 body removals a day — six times its normal rate.
"What do you mean she's breathing?" the woman's stunned mother asked officials, hours after she was told her daughter had died.
The overwhelmed funeral home resorted to putting dozens of bodies in the rented vehicles.
An untold number of burials around the globe are going forward with nothing more than a priest, a funeral home employee and a single loved one.
You have to be comfortable talking to grieving families and also making small talk as the crematory operator pokes a burning skull.