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The company argued that Aimee Stephens did not adhere to the dress code.
"We really didn't think of it as weird because we deal with death all the time. It's the family business."
Funeral homes are employing therapy dogs to help people through tough times.
In the old model of funeral planning, we would appear on the doorstep of the funeral home in our grief and rely on the funeral
A recently released survey of funeral homes indicates that 75 percent of funeral homes mark up casket costs between 1.5x and 2.5x from wholesale to retail.
I became uncomfortably aware that my business was desired when I started getting brochures in the mail from Moloney Family Funeral Homes Inc., which has half a dozen locations on Long Island, N.Y., where I live (for the time being, anyway).
A walk-out previously scheduled for Tuesday morning at four suburban Chicago funeral homes was postponed after management
When questioned by reporters about the program Tuesday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) said he would review the budget to
It's not clear what inspired this hashtag #funeralhomeslogans, but apparently someone on Twitter thought it would be fun
Would you rest the soul of a loved one with a product purchased from Walmart? Never mind its typical merchandise, the world's