funeral selfies

"It was silliness with no justification whatsoever," a municipal representative said in a statement. A gravedigger in Spain
What's your default? What's your favorite go-to expression? Don't be coy; you know you have one. (By the way: Plenty of men
Even as a funeral director, I myself once felt uncomfortable with the idea of deathbed/funeral selfies. But as I've seen more and more people take these photos, I've slowly become more open.
Rutledge cautioned, “Remember that there are a lot of people in pain and to have compassion and awareness for other people
If my own 50-year-old Dad had a problem with a harmless selfie of us taken at a Jets game, how would an older or sick person feel if you Instagrammed a picture of them while they are at their lowest most vulnerable place?
2. The part this poorly-designed site played--or failed to play for that matter--in the introduction of Obamacare was damn-near disastrous. We live in a world where babies know how to use iPads. Figure it out, America.
Ever since Myspace and the growth of the front-facing smartphone camera, people have been snapping selfies pretty much everywhere. It's really not ok.
Shirtless homeless bum selfie. — Christian Castro  (@ChristiannBro) July 1, 2013 What's worse
"This was a funeral selfie am I going to hell?" one teen trout pout poser asks. Well, we can pretty much categorically answer you here: Yes. Yes you are.
If there's an event during which selfies are more inappropriate, we can't think of it. Fast Company's Jason Feifer, creator