During the Covid-19 pandemic, families around the world have moved their funerary traditions online.
Put away those spaghetti straps and Nike swooshes.
It attracted the columnist and literary impresario Anil Dharker, who told the Indian Express, "It was entirely Usha Khanna's
Sadness is no match for Lulu; a very special kind of therapy dog. Funerals are an extremely hard time for family and friends
In my twelve years as an ordained rabbi I have had the chance to fulfill this commandment countless times by officiating
I wonder who will, and if I'll ever hear it. *** I have a secret. I'm writing eulogies for all the people I love, who are
The National Cremation Society's invitation to participate in the monthly drawing is affixed as a P.S. to the letter describing
Five-year-old Hunter Weiss died in an accident Monday.
A couple of years ago I took the opportunity of photographing my Opa's funeral and the wake afterwards and would like to share with you some of the photographs I took, to show you why photography can be a healer.
Yesterday I was looking over notes from my basic coroner training. One segment was in understanding various cultural practices and traditions about death.