They've only been up for five minutes, but the annual battle between cat and Christmas tree has already begun.
Al Roker Dances To His Weather Report
“Saying ‘the body of Christ’ each time I give my dog a cracker.”
Canine and human FAILS
May The Fourth is upon us, which means only one thing - celebration of a 'puntastic' fan made holiday. May the Force Be With You All!
"Is there anything more threatening than a friendly reminder?"
“you ever bring ur pet up to a mirror and ur like ‘that's you’"
For the 394th Judicial District Court in Texas, attorney Rod Ponton showed up to a Zoom court hearing, unable to change his cute kitten filter. He was willing to proceed, as the judge tried to help and his assistant helplessly clicked around trying to remove it.
Amy Schumer is one of comedy's strongest voices today, and she uses it as a source of strength for herself when times are tough.