Funny Animal Video

It's cats ... Who sleep like humans!
Jaz the parrot loves a good party anthem and isn't afraid to bust a move when he feels. Check it out!
When Charley brought home an adorable mini pig named Otis, he was a little nervous to see how Bella the pug would react to the newest family member. Thankfully, their owner filmed their first encounter because it's too precious for words!
Pugs are insanely hilarious, especially when they are caught off guard on camera. Although, when this tiny pug in particular spots the family taping him... it's lights, camera, and action -- and boy is it funny!
"That bird just talked! That's crazy! He just did it again!" -- Brian Fellow. Some of you may ask, "Who is this Brian Fellow
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Yes, that criminally adorable thing you're watching repeatedly poke out of the tree
Hope your last-minute scramble to buy presents is as enjoyable as Marnie's shopping spree! Marnie's extensive shopping experience
This pooch has got serious sea legs. Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Just keep swimming, little pup, just keep swimming
This video uploaded to YouTube shows Lucy the golden retriever's less than perfect catching abilities. What's more, the clip
If there was an Academy Award for Best Dog in a Leading Role, this dog named Gabe in the video above from deathtrips would
If you can get past the somewhat prickly exterior, hedgehogs are a total bundle of cute. It also turns out that one hedgehog
Meet Bibia, a cat out of Japan with a problem. What likely began as experimentation, then just a weekend habit, has now become
Alright, maybe it's not too similar. Just watch it already and enjoy the adorable GIF we created. In the Spanish literary
For this cat, sleepy time is unacceptable when it could be playtime instead. Maybe if he stares hard enough, his Jedi mind
Apologies in advance if you stare at this the rest of the day... Adopted Alaskan Malamutes, Brown Sugar and Rice Candy, are
Oh. Is that what happens when you flush your toilet while your dog is drinking out of it? Thanks, that question has been
This sneezy compilation sure is cute, but be aware that excessive sneezing in animals can be caused by allergies, infection
A scrub from a zookeeper at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas wasn't enough for this elephant, who grabbed the broom and gave herself
So maybe this cat is mad because this border collie copped its look (they could have been twins in another life), or the
Guess what? Fall is here! This Siberian husky is ecstatic about a big ole pile of autumn leaves, and his bliss cannot be