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Soranus' Gynecology sounds like a it might be a tough read. In their latest edition of "Do Not Read" on Monday, Jimmy Fallon
The best lovers can laugh at themselves.
"Homer was once Mao's tailor." In the case of these crotchety old canines, that would be beyond adorable, but we think these
We're not sure who OKed the title and cover art for the knitting book below, but he or she clearly had designs to destroy
We'd all like to pretend that little kids are entirely wholesome and unaware of the kind of language that prompts fines from
(H/T redditor javaski.) (cont'd below) "It's a simple, realistic fact that a husband should spend years teaching his wife
Reading isn't fun. Not even in books. Think about it: how many works of fiction can you name that feature a character sitting around reading the whole time? Not many (unless you're in a college literature class with a super-Postmodern syllabus).
When you need a good laugh, do you reach for a book? I don't.
Dating isn't easy, that's for sure. Thankfully, there are thousands upon thousands of books out there to help you through
Have you ever wondered how to re-use an old grave? Or how to live with crazy buttocks? Or how to knit with dog hair? Well
Read more at Book Riot THIS IS A LIE. BAD IDEA PERSON: Be Bold with Bananas. BAD IDEA PERSON’S CO-WORKER: Sure. The description
Leave it to editors, publishers and wordsmiths to come up with the best pun games on Twitter. Last month, readers got their
“Best thing ever after alien abduction” by Louis Green For more, visit Publishers Weekly's PWxyz blog! Before you get all
Need a good laugh? Pick up one of these 20 books from the queens of comedy. ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?’ by Mindy
Earlier this week we brought you our list of 13 books you should never read at the beach, but we figure many of you are spending
While the initial chapters stick close to Kafka's well-known novella, the book spirals out of control (in a good way) when Samsa leaves his parents' home to relieve them of a large, adorable kitten.