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In a social experiment of awkward proportions, the folks over at Cut Video recently asked ex-couples to sit down for a game
If there's one life experience Hallmark isn't likely to write about any time soon, it's the period after a breakup when you're
6. "She held her fork overhanded, as in the shovel technique. You can't take someone like that anywhere." Jerry may have
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6. "My parents are moving in." 17. "'I chea--' Bye!" 4. "Toilet paper goes under." 16. "Hey babe, I bought us matching Crocs
This text first appeared on Reddit about a year ago, but since it popped up again on Instagram recently, we thought it too
14. "My mom thinks your face is too... controlling and bitchy and that means I wouldn't have any control over you.' I was
Move over, all you teens with your pithy breakup texts. This is how we used to do breaking up back in the '90s: "Well, chow
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Have a friend who's nursing a broken heart? Don't sit idly by and let them drown their sorrows in a depressing playlist of
Breaking up is hard to do. But if we're being completely honest here, breaking up after only a few months of dating doesn't
Drive by for the divorce, stop in for the conciliatory beer -- or eight. The #TransformationTuesday breakup: The free-pizza
On Monday, the good folks over on Reddit busted out their ex horror stories. We've compiled the worst of the worst below
The only thing more insulting than being dumped via text? Being dumped via text by someone who can't spell. Father of the
If communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship, this little guy has a tough road ahead of him. Seriously, Shawn
UPDATE: An anonymous friend of the couple told BuzzFeed that the Instagram post was a joke. But the fact remains, breaking
Or unicorn latch hook kits. We have some bad news for you: While you were were busy sleeping in or ordering brunch this weekend
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