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For all you exercise fiends, the verdict is finally in: you do NOT have to be up in the gym to work on your fitness (sorry
You'll never be the same after watching a Patrick Swayze lookalike tear off his clothes as he makes bread circa 1985. Via
And as the title of the YouTube video suggest, there are allusions to that Direct TV commercial with the mini giraffe. Except
As the hilarious commercial suggests, "wrestling with blankets is silly." Yes, yes it is silly, because no one should be
From sketch comedy group Rue Brutalia comes this hilarious commercial parody for PeniPlus: the drug that cures a disease
Let's pause and remember a simpler time, when oil was still our friend, it didn't matter what food you ate, and being a friend
Palestinians were furious to discover that now not only Fox News ignores their side -- but now even during commercial breaks are they invisible.
The production company behind the commercial has said the ad aims to encourage people to overcome obstacles, according to