funny gifs

  9. When the lifeguard tries to steal your spotlight.   14. When you got that bottle service hook-up.   13. When you're
Humankind is capable of incredible kindness. We have also shown the capacity to be mercilessly callous. For evidence of this
Admit it: At one point or another, you probably dreamed of being a professional athlete. In studies, kids have ranked pro
3. When you asked him whether he preferred letterpress or engraved invitations: Knot 6. When he asked his
But a tourist recently discovered that one deer mastered a special trick to get treats. The deer are considered sacred, and
Snowstorms? Slushy corners? Freezing temperatures? Yeah, we're over it. Here are 17 signs you're ready for this polar vortex
Just be prepared to laugh at your mistakes. Preconceived notions can hurt how you view the world. Not to say bad things won't
Because it's CHRISTMAS! Jingle Bells, darling ... Congratulations, you made it out of bed. You NEED milk. Because it's Christmas