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Nerdy couples, rejoice! In years past, you may have been underwhelmed by the Valentine's Day card selection at your local
Source: shopsaplingpress Source: Stuff Anna Loves Source: Naughty Little Cards And the R-rated crowd... Source: Claire Lordon
Time to wish something... It's October again!
Finding the perfect card to give your spouse isn't easy when most of what's out there is Hallmark-grade, lovey-dovey mush
Did you know Americans purchase over 6.5 billion greeting cards per year? Here are some funny (and snarky) ecards from Someecards
August is here, and so continue the everyday annoyances that plague our summer. But don't fret! There are plenty of other
Most stand-up comedians don't leave anything behind on tour, except for maybe an empty mini-bar. Kurt Braunohler, however