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Turbulence? This toddler laughs in the face of it. Judging from video of said experience, Léa doesn't know the meaning of
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter We don't blame you, Sean. If we were on the way to see Mickey Mouse, we'd be crying
She's only 2 years old, but this adorable toddler knows a good jam when she hears it. She may not know all the lyrics to
"Dainius’s son was born in Lithuania last year, and the family recently brought him to Canada for the first time," writes
Combine one part youthful innocence with two parts appreciation for a job well done. What do you get? This adorable girl
In a cute new video from BuzzFeedYellow, a few adorable little kids give some truly original dating advice to adults. They
Remember the days when you had to dig for a dime to feed the pay phone? This kid sure doesn't. He doesn't even know what
Five-year-old Saige is fed up with her messy house and her mean brother Tanner. In this viral video Saige's mom posted on
Bostyn's mom told BuzzFeed that her 3-year-old is "100,000 percent obsessed" with LL Cool J and always tells her to turn
CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified Trent's dad as Chris Harris. His first name is Clark
What does Macey want to be when she grows up? She wants to be president (duh). Macey's grasp on presidential trivia is as
Thanks to some handiwork by his uncle, Dean Fisher, young Evan now has documentary evidence of Santa's existence, as well
"Can you whistle?" "Can I see you try?" Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter "No. It's impossible to whistle. I cannot
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter So says Alfred in "Batman Begins," giving Bruce Wayne a much-needed motivational
Some kids are just hopeless romantics. In this YouTube video from llyanabuey, 6-year-old Dean cries his eyes out because
It's hard to predict what words will come out of a 6-year-old's mouth -- unless you put the words there yourself. Watch what