funny kids notes

"They were extremely giddy and squealing with excitement, and of course some of them covered their eyes when we kissed."
I made such a scene, it was talked about for a while afterward, and not in a good way. Jumping, screaming, almost crying, kissing the giant video screen -- it was not my finest moment.
It's not that uncommon for teachers to ask their students to write about what they're thankful for around Thanksgiving time
According to what looks like some English homework, this sixth grade boy or girl has a serious love of the stuff that we're
Last week, Reddit user "bamassippi" posted this heartwarming screenshot of a child's note to her vet. Dozens of Reddit users
Well this child isn't letting something like penmanship get in the way of a good story. We don't know who's luckier here
And while the kids toil away making cards for Valentine's Day, they're usually encouraged to write (to the best of their
What a difference one letter makes. Redditer Odalaigh posted this hilarious gem today, and we can't get over how a single
Well Huff Post readers, we asked and you delivered. After posting a funny birthday card written by one of our readers as