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I wear yoga pants ALL. THE. TIME. They're comfy. They're practical. They're perfect for my crazy mom life.
Unending piles of laundry, toddlers making toilet paper messes, much-needed coffee refills, and more!
Parenting has certainly changed over the years, but the funny ladies behind The BreakWomb think that mothers from the '50s
Kids may say the darndest things, but parents tweet about them in the funniest ways. So each week, we round up the most hilarious
Mom I'm hungry. Mom I'm hungry. Mom I'm hungry. Mom I'm hungry. Mom I'm hungry. Mom I'm hungry. Oh, you're hungry? I had
Kids are like sponges. They smell bad. — Bunmi Laditan (@BunmiLaditan) September 23, 2014 Kids may say the darndest things
I had kids so that I would never forget what it feels like to be ignored. — YKIHAYHT (@YKIHAYHT) September 19, 2014 Kids
"I bet next year Dillion will smile for the camera!" she wrote. She also lovingly posted the performance to her Facebook
Mothers have long been a staple in tv and movies, and for good reason: the dynamic between a mom and the rest of her family
Check them all out, and be sure to let us know which is your favorite viral video of the day in the comments. Next is a cat