funny obituary

Angus MacDonald, who died Friday, wrote of his death with humor and wit.
A Pennsylvania woman’s obituary lists an unusual number of grandchildren.
It's not often that we make a big impact in life, let alone in death. But that's what Emily Debrayda Phillips is doing with her sassy and inspiring obituary that she wrote for herself just days before dying from Pancreatic cancer on March 25th.
For Seahawks fans, the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIX were devastating, but for one fan, they may have been deadly.
Antonia W. "Toni" Larroux, Bay St. Louis, MS Waffle House lost a loyal customer on April 30, 2013. Antonia W. "Toni" Larroux
Karl Albrecht, who died last month at the age of 88, penned the obituary himself in the style of a moving notice, inviting