funny pet videos

This is far from a lovebird. This foul-mouthed cockatoo is a bird of divorce.
Your greatest gift this Christmas? You're not these cats. So maybe you didn't exactly what you asked for for Christmas. Hey
This pooch puts family first. Watch Maymo gallantly rush in at the 0:19 mark to defeat the evil beast who is bothering Penny
Watch in the video above as Maximus' and his owner unleash their musical magic in a rousing rendition of "Trololo." The pup
This video has us all pawsing for a moment and taking in the wonder that is winter. Who needs a sled when your silky smooth
It's nice to know we aren't the only ones who speak to our pets like they're humans and believe that their opinions matter
Jiff the Pomeranian can captivate us simply by being so freakin' cute. But that's not how Jiff operates. The pup amazed us
He does it on three legs, two hind legs, two front legs in a paw-stand; he does it backward in a semi-moonwalk. He rides
As stated in her YouTube bio, Karen would "like to give credit to her drag mama RuPaul." Maymo the dog is no stranger to
After a series of freezer break-ins, a family caught a small-time offender on camera. His name? Oscar, and he's a cat burglar