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The spooky stunt sparked both terror and laughs. 👻
The U.S. has been known to enforce some of the silliest, and at times, seemingly most archaic laws known to man.
When you visit My Mate Nate's channel, you really get the sense that Bartling's motives are pure. Straight up, they're fun, they're happy, and have a thread of wholesomeness woven throughout.
"I feel like I'm being f**king cornered ... It's like a full moon!"
Siri can be a wonderfully helpful tool for daily life. Especially while on-the-go in places such as New York City. But what many do not know is that Siri can provide a great deal of entertainment and laughs.
Freud would have some interesting things to say about this.
When it comes to April Fools' Day, it's one thing to put tape on someone's computer mouse or place plastic wrap over a toilet
It's a scary time to play for the Phoenix Suns. For Halloween, Suns players were pranked with a lifelike dinosaur, which
It was trick not treat for Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe on Halloween. His teammates surprised him -- and scared him -- with
If you answered yes, then you're not alone. Imagine walking down the street on a peaceful night, and then BAM! You are confronted
H/t Viral Viral Videos Fortunately, it doesn't take long for him to break character and show people he's just playing around
Noted. Photos of the Post-it-covered vehicle resemble an art-study in pastels. The wheels, meanwhile, yell for attention