Funny signs

The thefts are costing a town hundreds of dollars each year.
I have dealt with every breed and every temperament out there and I can assure you harboring breed discrimination will get you bitten. We treat humans as individuals so shouldn't we treat animals as individuals, too?
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These, however, are not those types of cross stitches. Source: BossAsStitch Source: Watty's Wall Stuff And Cross Stitchery
We're glad at least SOMEBODY appreciates all this cold weather. Unless you're one of the privileged few living where the
Let's face it: We can't all be master pickup artists -- and actually, that's a good thing. This sign is for those of us with
Your college's bulletin board is a wealth of helpful services and information. Pointless, silly information.  Read more on
We pass plenty of signs when we're driving -- some funny, some helpful. But we've found one sign in Arizona that is neither
Reading articles is something people do on the Internet. In fact, you're probably reading this article right now. But how can you be certain that you're reading this article right now? If you're not entirely sure you're reading this article right now, check out these signs.
The safety of a community is an important factor when deciding where you'd like to live. People organize and set up neighborhood
That's because they know where your real priorities lie. When did bar signs get so judgmental? Or here: This sign knows you've
Between the romantic vows and the heartfelt toasts, there are plenty of serious (but beautiful!) wedding moments. So it's
"What do you want to eat? Any place you had in mind?" "I don't care." Genius. Nothing short of genius. Vigorously nodding
Caution = We can't be sued. Assholes.
First, some backstory: the Honolulu Police Department recently garnered national attention when it lobbied against a bill