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The Recruitment Of LeBron The Contrarian World Cup Tweet The Search For Love (Not Kevin Love) The No. 3 overall selection
With Twitter and specifically Twitter Lists, you can recreate the exact same format, but with an optimal mix of sources that speak to your personal preferences.
You've been told to never judge a book by its cover, but is that also true of Twitter accounts? Celebrities are well known
"Happy. Free. Confused. Oppressed by the patriarchy. At the same time." Not since Feminist Ryan Gosling and Feminist Hulk
Finally. Now you can read the Huffington Post Twitter feed without clicking the links. Introducing: @HuffPoSpoilers. We don't
Alyona and Jacob discuss the top trendy stories of the day, including a story on 'Florida Man,' a twitter account aggregating all the weird crime news that comes out of Florida.
For some reason, Florida has been the locale of some of the oddest crimes in America. If a news headline starts off with
McCollom told HuffPost Parents that she was originally "so amazed at the crazy things students were saying" that she started
My favorite Twitter accounts that I follow and retweet everyday are the Twitter accounts that accurately (I mean, accurately) and hilariously tweet the common thoughts, feelings, and problems that different types of people have.
If you are obsessed with trivia (like us), you probably are counting down the days to the new Carmen Sandiego movie, never
Indeed, evolutionary anthropologist Thomas Flamson, who also studies humor, says that one measure of a good joke is that