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Cotton candy, like most good things in life, is fleeting.
From the school playground to space, here's who we crowned the champions of this year in Vine.
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter In a Vine that will perhaps become the best six seconds of your holiday season, Marnie
For two young breakout stars, Cameron Dallas and Marcus Johns have some impressive insight about perfecting an online personality
“If you go out of your room to the lobby and try to get a Starbucks, it can turn into pandemonium,” James told host Alyona
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact HuffPost Parents In this Vine from user daisjha, an adorable little
Making six-second videos with my baby started out as fun. Then came the followers, the money, and the fame. My inflated sense
Andrew Marbach is good at Vine, and we're ready to declare him the funniest Rutgers University student on the social networking
Oh yeah, here's the original video: Like Twitter user Matt Ufford says, "This is why Vine exists." Trust us, the sound totally
Prepare to get your smile on in a big way when you watch a Boston terrier puppy named Creature bouncing around like a bunny