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  Dad to the rescue! In a YouTube video recently posted by America's Funniest Home Videos, a flower girl has a full-on meltdown
"I actually choked up when I said goodbye to the bride at the end of the wedding because I didn't want it to be over!" the
Now can we all just take a moment to acknowledge the awesomeness of those denim cowboy briefs? Joe Mulvihill's wife Rachel
via sin-ik/Reddit Wrong place, wrong time. via greasychipbutty/Reddit Oh hey, guy trying to smoke a cig on the sly. via jaeseabean
2. The season will dictate everything from which flowers you can use to where you'll honeymoon. 20. There is no such thing
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Click through the slideshow below for eight celebrities who crashed "regular" people's weddings. No word yet as to whether
If there was a wedding in Jurassic Park, we imagine it would look something like this.
(h/t Rocky_Woodview via Reddit) Miller told the Huffington Post in an email that he gave the bridal party the following instructions
Clarification: Language has been added to the post to indicate that the 3.6 percent rate is an annual figure (for 2011), and