Furbies! Beanie Babies! Silly Bandz! Here are the biggest fads you might’ve forgotten about.
Times are strange here in America. Between one of the most absurd general elections in recent memory and far more heated
The best part? You can actually make it go to sleep.
My daughter convinced me to buy a Furby Boom. A Furby is an interactive toy that resembles a hallucination of yoda in baby doll proportions, see above. By its design, the most subtle motion in the vicinity of 25 feet triggers the creature to shout mechanical commands like: I'm huuuuuungreeeeehh, gimmme fooood now, now, NOW!!
Furbies seemed pretty cool in 1998, but now they're just terrifying. Here's to hoping this Furby finds its way to eBay soon
On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel gave us a sneak peek of the sequel to "Fury," and this time around Pitt and his crew will face their
We know that the 90's was quite an era for pop culture -- who doesn't remember the incessant chatter of a Furby? -- but what