furious 7

"The Promise" and "Unforgettable" were left in the dust.
"The Fate and the Furious" is the first installment that won't feature Brewster or Walker.
The money will go into a trust for the 17-year-old.
The actor gave a touching speech while accepting the PCA for Favorite Action Movie and Favorite Movie.
It's not goodbye, it's see you always.
I loved Furious 7. I laughed through the entire movie, so much so that wife grew angry with me for "embarrassing her." I couldn't help myself; the movie was almost everything I wanted it to be: over the top action, cliched dialogue delivered with soap opera acting skills.
Tyrese Gibson seems right at home in Abu Dhabi. Chilling out across from me, wearing a traditional thobe and gutra, with the Emirates Palace in the background, the Furious 7 actor seems to be loving his warm welcome in the United Arab Emirates.
And he's still waiting for his check.