Futurama is as unabashedly nerdy of a show as there has ever been on television. From its glorious tributes to sci-fi of
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"I don't feel that electronic music is "my thing." I know it's what I've done all my life, but I still feel slightly removed from it somehow. But I think it's good for music in general.'
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Something very comforting about this. Future takes on classic tales. Because this always will be... What do you do with your
Jack Nicholson is a popular pick amongst even the most amateur impersonators. And while Quinton Kappel's Nicholson is spot
Two days ago, we found out that Homer Simpson and the rest of Springfield will be featured in an episode of "Family Guy." And
A question asked frequently by Futurama fans at Comic-Con and other conventions is: Will Zoidberg ever find love? Turns out
"Futurama" executive producer David X. Cohen said he wasn't shocked by the news. "I felt like we were already in the bonus