future cars

What will the cars of the future be like? It’s fun to imagine how new technologies and design trends will influence future
These photos will make you want to drop everything and drive.
Check out Walmart's video (above) to see the rig in action. The vehicle's cab has a sliding driver's door and a center-mounted
Meanwhile, Google has been privately testing a "self-driving" Toyota Prius. While Google has offered only a few glimpses
Come on Detroit; don't make us beg. Or appeal to Japan.
In addition to reducing human-error collisions, SARTRE researchers hope this system of driving will increase fuel efficiency
How should the cars of the future be 'electrified' to bring more environmentally-friendly, yet beautiful automobiles to consumers
What kind of cars with the Facebooking, Tweeting, gadget-craving youth of today want? That's what these designers set out