future of food

Aquaponics is helping farmers figure out how to feed a world population expected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050.
New genetically modified organisms (GMOs) made with these experimental techniques are making their way to your dinner plate. It's the next wave of genetic engineering.
Kimbal Musk's growing farm-to-table restaurant empire is expanding into urban farming.
Learn to pickle and preserve when foods are in season, cheap and abundant. Use something you love to make that urgently needed
'Drinkable supermeal' Ambronite is apparently popular -- but will it catch on?
In order to feed the estimated 9.6 billion people expected to be living on Earth by 2050, agriculture experts predict we'll need to increase food supplies by 70 to 110 percent, or as World Food Prize recipient Gebisa Ejeta said in 2010, "We'll have to learn to produce as much food in the next four decades as we have since the beginning of civilization."
The earrings I've been wearing in both ears for over two decades did not stifle the opportunities presented to me.
The scarcity of healthy options in low-income neighborhoods in developed countries and the decreased purchasing power make people opt for a unhealthy and cheap processed foods rather than seasonal and local fruit and vegetables.
Merchant describes soylent as tasting "exactly how it looks" -- not the biggest compliment for what looks like milky sludge
Until now, food innovation happened behind closed doors at a few select multinational corporations. But as the Internet and technology are democratizing virtually every industry, the sustainable food industry has an opportunity to level the playing field with industrial food.
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What will we be eating in the future? The history of food has been one long, changeable feast. If we continue to change what we eat and how we grow it, we may be able to feed the hungry mouths of the future.
It took me some time to warm to the idea of unveiling my own forecast. But after a couple of years on the food frontier, I can confidently say you'll see more of these seven foods in 2042.
Last spring, right on the heels of one of the biggest events in his life, his son's wedding -- and with the eyes of the world upon his family -- Prince Charles came to the United States to deliver a speech at Georgetown University about the future of food.