- Phil   UNG, of course, is our Trade of the Year, taking second place to IBM, which is also doing quite well.  It's only
Take Wells Fargo (WFC) chief executive John Stumpf. Listed as one of the country’s most overpaid CEOs by Bloomberg, Stumpf
Don't forget we have the Fed statement today at 2pm (during our Live Webinar) but, as noted by BlackRock's Larry Fink, we
Scientists can identify people with 100 percent accuracy using only brain waves, a new study shows.
We have a good amount of data out this week along with 5 Fed speakers and a revised Q4 GDP report on Friday.  Hopefully we'll
Now comes the fun part of the week!   I already discussed our strategy for playing a flat market in that post, so I won't
As to our existing hedges:   SDS has taken quite a dive since then, now down at $21 but the March $23 calls are 0.89 ($2,670
Cash-y and cautious is how we're continuing to play the markets into the holidays. We're not going to miss anything by sitting out the next couple of weeks and, as noted in our review - there are certainly plenty of bargains to be had.
S&P (/ES) 2,055 for a gain of $2,250 per contract  Russell (/TF) 1,155 for a gain of $4,500 per contract   Nikkei (/NKD) 19,300
Those interested in insider trading should pay close attention to trading in non-securities. Especially in recent years, some of the most important enforcement events have far from public equity exchanges.