g-8 summit

What we are witnessing in Ukraine today is not so much the revival of the Cold War as the sharp edge of a clash of civilizations in the unfolding post-American era. American-led globalization since the end of the Cold War has led to the convergence of patterns of growth and the spread of technology worldwide, enabling the rise of the emerging economies such as China, Russia, India and Turkey. But far from creating a flat and homogenous world, this convergence has led to a new divergence because economic strength engenders cultural, political and even military self-assertion. As we are seeing every day from the East China Sea to Syria to Crimea, the American-led West is no longer at the helm of today's order. Indeed, no one is. Above all, globalization today means an interdependence of plural identities.
What do you get when you combine ultra-nationalist religious and political conservatism along with homophobia and sexism? That is the toxic mix that is fueling Vladimir Putin's militaristic moves against the people of Ukraine.
"We call on both sides to ensure that there can be a reduction in tensions and the avoidance of conflict," he said. Hague
As we redouble our commitment to eradicate AIDS on the occasion of World Aids Day last week, perhaps the global health community will also step up to the Alzheimer's crisis.
Prime Minister Cameron should be applauded for his commitment to develop a global response to address Alzheimer's disease.
President Barack Obama's latest stabs at summitry -- with the G-8 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and again with Germany's leaders in Berlin -- met with mixed results this week.
If the G8 can help build global finance and drug development and evaluation reforms a reality, we may one day reflect on how the G8 organization shaped a more prosperous and healthy 21st century.
I visited Dublin three months ago while I was studying abroad in Europe, and while I only spent three days there, the food, the beer, the music, and above all, the people left a lasting impression on me.
ENNISKILLEN, Northern Ireland — The smell of fresh paint hangs in the air as this small town completes an extensive makeover
Economist NY Bureau Chief Matthew Bishop joins Ahmed to discuss the role of social media in political situations around the world.
Why was Mexico so good and the U.S. so bad at managing the processes of engaging key stakeholders?
(Reporting by Jeff Mason; Editing by Jackie Frank) A U.S. official said on Friday that the G8 leaders had agreed that Iran
At the wooded Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland's Catoctin Mountains, Obama and leaders from other major economic
The G-8 Summit invitation to Meles Zenawi demonstrates that whatever the Obama administration has learned from the Arab Spring, it doesn't apply to Africa. It should. Cosseting autocratic regimes rarely ends well for anybody.
Will the G8 leaders at Camp David be able to overcome their own internal disputes and the ongoing challenges of the global economy in order to partner with African governments to save the 1 billion people in the world suffering from hunger?
As life-spans routinely stretch into the 80s and 90s and as birth rates continue to drop to unprecedented lows, the importance of maintaining health as we age becomes even more crucial.
Battle lines between protesters and the police are already being drawn for the NATO and G-8 summits that Chicago will host
"I saw it and I liked it," German Chancellor Angela Merkel was heard by reporters saying as she walked in with Zuckerberg
The G-8 and newly relevant G-20 summit meetings generated a lot of documents. Documents which evaluate and discuss where we are and where we should be on a myriad of global development challenges.
On this World Food Day more than one billion people are suffering from malnutrition and hunger, an increase of 100 million in just over a year.