gabby giffords shooting

Five years ago today, I was driving from Phoenix to Tucson to see my friend Gabby Giffords. That Saturday morning, she was at a shopping center parking lot, holding office hours, doing the most basic job of a representative, meeting with her constituents.
With all of the noise being generated this summer by a certain presidential candidate from New York, recognition of a worthy story has been lost in the din. That story is the heroism of two U.S. Marines killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
After the debate, Hayley Zachary, executive director of ARS, issued the following statement: “I have the right as a private
Giffords and her husband completed the ice bucket challenge on Thursday, after being challenged by Democratic National Committee
Zaun claimed that while Iowa law prohibits members of the public from carrying dangerous weapons into the Capitol, the restrictions
Giffords took the stage to join her husband, walking with a limp and showcasing a gigantic smile on her face. Again, she
The ad, titled "Silent Night," is set to a somber instrumental of the classic Christmas song. It features a brief montage
Americans for Responsible Solutions has taken a prominent role in legislative efforts to reduce gun violence. Ahead of last
2013-02-01-Shawgiffords They emerged this week as the most vivid representatives of Obama's new liberal America, as emblematic of the times and what ails us as Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson were America's "terror era" canaries in the coal mine.
The Senate Judiciary Committee held the 1st hearing on gun violence since the Newtown shooting. Gun violence survivor former Rep. Gabby Giffords gave opening remarks.