Gabriel Byrne

Actor Gabriel Byrne told The Sunday Times that Spacey held up filming because of his “sexual behavior.”
“He was kind of a joke in that people would say, ‘That’s Kevin,’ but nobody really understood the depth of his predations,” Byrne said.
The festivities moved on, despite the day's big snow: at Cipriani 42nd Street, Michael Xavier said the most difficult part
The Important past Editor of the New Yorker, Lee Lorenz Emerging Designer Meredith Stoecklein just premiered her first capsule
Movie icon--and lately best known for her role on American Horror Story-- Jessica Lange has performed on Broadway only twice
This is a welcome opportunity to see the play, and the chance to see a top-flight performance by Jessica Lange. But when you leave Long Day enthusing about the actress playing Mary Tyrone -- well, that doesn't seem to be where O'Neill was heading.
The rest of the cast, Rachel Brosnahan, Ruby Jerins and Megan Ketch add to this already stellar lineup. Trier, whose father
I interviewed actor Gabriel Byrne by phone in 2009, my final interview for Venice Magazine. It was simultaneously one of the easiest and most difficult conversations I've ever had. Easy because Byrne and I had that very rare thing: an instant rapport.
"War has been declared. Our independence is at stake." It's a financial minefield, and Marc is going to need some fancy footwork
"I'm always a bit suspicious about ideologies, you know. My basic thinking and feeling is to always respect the dignity and freedom of others. That's what I've always tried to make films about and if I do follow any personal ideology, that's the only one I can say I believe in."