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Turning those true stories into fiction allowed him to, as his translator, Edith Grossman, said, "use fantasy to tell the
This week began the way so many do: with more tragic gun violence, as three people were killed in two shootings at Jewish centers in the Kansas City area, part of the 86 killed by guns in the U.S. every day. "We are united in our condemnation of this heinous attack," said Attorney General Holder. "These acts cannot be ignored." And yet, one year ago this month, the Senate rejected even a modest background check bill, despite the support of 90 percent of Americans. In the wake of the Kansas shootings, Michael Bloomberg's $50 million gun control effort, "Everytown for Gun Safety," unveiled its first ad. We "have another chance to stop a child from being killed," it said. We do, but only if we refuse to lower our expectations. As Gabriel García Márquez, who died on Thursday, wrote, "It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams."
“Gabo,” as his readers often called him, died on Thursday afternoon. No official cause of death was immediately reported
When a friend dies, you are left with deep pain and a multitude of memories of the moments you shared. After all, as Gabo wrote: "Life is not the one you lived but the one you remember and how you remember it to tell it."
Esteemed Colombian author, beloved father and husband, and seasoned journalist Gabriel García Márquez died at his home in
Dozens spoke about the life-changing experience of reading classics like One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love In The Time
Marquez is considered one of the most significant authors of the 20th century, with credits that spanned from journalism and screenwriting to short stories of magical realism.
In memory of Gabriel García Márquez, who passed away on Thursday, we're revisiting a post we originally published for the
Like many Latin American writers, Garcia Marquez transcended the world of letters. The man widely known as "Gabo" became
Colombian news site, Noticias RCN, also confirmed that the rumors are untrue, though a culprit has yet to be identified. Jaime