The Democratic front-runner has faced criticism for gaffes, misstatements and tone-deaf comments on the campaign trail.
The 21-minute lowlights reel features some of Trump's wildest gaffes.
Giuliani is "the one person that the president ... is not mad at," according to a CNN reporter who says the lawyer still has Trump's support.
Palin's jabs "look like the FWD:RE:FWD:WATCH THIS grandpa emails from the ’08 election they lost," the representative-elect joked.
French President Emmanuel Macron complimented the Australian Prime Minister's wife Lucy Turnbull by calling her “delicious.” While the gaffe was the result of mistranslation, many believed it was a cheeky reference to a previous remark made by President Trump about Macron’s own wife, Brigitte.
The GOP finds the secret to selling Donald Trump: Don't let him speak his mind.
The media's obsession with gaffes is over, thanks to Donald Trump.
The New York Post released the "Bag Men" cover that falsely identified these two men as the suspects: Media coverage of the
These unfortunate slips are as incomprehensible as they are politically damaging. None of the politicians who commit them are exactly stupid or ill informed. This begs the question, what went wrong?
When I implied moments ago that I might dismantle Social Security and Medicare just after the election, I made a mistake. I meant to think that sentence to myself, not actually say it out loud.
I agree with the overwhelming majority of issue positions that Akin has expressed and disagree with as many of Biden's. That said, I don't think that Biden's comments and Akin's deserve the same level of prominence.
The media's gaffe obsession reaches new heights.
When catching up on the latest election news, it’s easy to be confused by the avalanche of reporting. What’s a job creator
When I started research, it was a rare thing to track an opposing candidate. Now, with cheap digital cameras, or even camera phones in a pinch, tracking has never been easier or more prevalent.
The play on words would actually have worked well -- if Soryan were actually from Iraq. But he's from Iran, and Baghdad is