Gag Gifts

"Once you both are in these undies, the possibilities are endless! This is how all underwear should be."
My husband doesn't even like wolves. He doesn't actively hate them, but he's impartial. It doesn't matter. His feelings on the subject are irrelevant. Wolves like him, and they have become a part of his identity, whether he likes it or not.
Take for instance, the one below, which is pretty much tailor-made for your recently divorced friend: If you're eager to
Break free from the traditional boring ties or tools, and embrace the unique and unusual -- Dad will thank you (maybe)!
"Nothing" is sold via Amazon for $6, but we bet you could also find it at this Australian pop-up shop that was hawking bottles
Warning: these are for those who aren't planning on packing light.
Our plastic vomit and artificial dog poo -- iconic, time-honored staples of American humor -- are now being produced in China. While most people will shrug this off as no big deal, I see it differently, and it's not just about the economics.