El boom de la exploración y explotación de recursos energéticos durante las últimas décadas en América Latina ha traído abundantes beneficios para unos pocos y a su vez ha producido una incomoda dependencia económica en exportación de materias primas para la región.
On a recent visit to Japan, I was struck by the remarkable success of smallholder farming. I left the country convinced that subsistence farming can eradicate Africa's hunger crisis.
How can you learn to embrace risk for the sake of your future happiness, particularly when risk taking doesn't come to you naturally? When you think about making a change, focus only on what you have to gain, and banish all thoughts of what you might lose.
Danone, Unilever and Nestlé are the highest ranking companies by sizable margins. But even their scores, the highest was Danone with 6.3 on a scale to 10, demonstrated there is significant room for improvement. And only three companies scored above 5.
GAIN turned the conventional wisdom about addressing malnutrition from one focused on treatment to one focused on prevention, from a medical model to one that recognized that most people engage with markets to get their food rather than health clinics.
The World Health Organization's Director-General recently warned of the growing challenge of antibiotic resistance in the starkest terms. Responding to this challenge, existing antibiotics must be conserved and novel antibiotics developed.
The different ways of looking at the same goal (e.g., to pay the lowest price, to get the biggest raise) have profound effects on the way we approach negotiation.