Previously, three professors were prohibited from testifying in the lawsuit since doing so would put the school in conflict with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.
Family is everything to the hosts of “Here To Make Friends.” Claire Fallon and Emma Gray tour the sites of Hometown week, from the biggest panel of character witnesses to Peter’s actual true love (we don’t mean Hannah, or his family, either). This week, Hannah meets four sets of potential in-laws, who range in supportiveness on a scale from Wyatt to Weber. While Mr. and Mrs. Peter pick out china patterns, the Jeds just want her gone. In Georgia, Luke calls on his prayer group to some serious damage control. And boy, do they lay it on thick — even thicker than Tyler, whose sunscreen application seems more focused on the rubdown than UV protection. At the rose ceremony, Hannah breaks the rules and brings all four guys into fantasy suites week. But which one is careening toward a mental breakdown? Find full episodes of “Here To Make Friends” on Apple, Google, Spotify, and Acast #TheBachelorette #TheBachelor
HuffPost interviewed white nationalist leader Richard Spencer the night before his speech at the University of Florida, and it's disturbing.
Prominent leader of the so-called "alt-right" movement Richard Spencer denies being a Nazi.
As Gainesville, Florida prepares for White Nationalist Richard Spencer to descend upon the town, the city’s mayor doesn’t hesitate to clearly classify him as a terrorist.
In a sense, Camil has always been "under fire." He has repeatedly endured the painful rejection of former comrades and been called a traitor by ex-active duty marines.
I was born in Georgia and I've spent a lot of time living and coaching in Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Alabama. But my formative years, from elementary school to junior high school, were right here.
Craft brewers are still relatively small players in the commercial beer world but are helping to create a different sort of Florida tourist attraction.
No me cabe la menor duda. No hay historia más difícil de cubrir, que aquella que involucra la pérdida de un hijo, la desaparición de un ser querido, el no poder despedirse de a quien tanto se ha amado. Imposible no involucrarse a nivel personal en este tipo de historias. Como madre de 2 hijos pequeños, me aterra pensar en la posibilidad de perderlos. Si es padre, seguramente ha sentido esa angustia inaguantable cuando su hijo se pierde de su vista por unos minutos que le parecen horas. Y no hay momento más feliz cuando lo recupera, por eso, puedo entender la terrible situación que durante varias semanas vivió la familia Aguilar.
One friend, Ashlee Perez, has begun a fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo to aid in the effort. "He is an awesome person with
In other tales of men loving their bongs a tad too much, a Nebraska man was arrested for smoking marijuana out of a bong
Police found Cato a few minutes later in a nearby Walmart. The 29-year-old suspect had a "strong odor of alcohol emanating
Apart from reminding us that racism is still alive and well in the Obama Era, these Gainesville girls also remind us just how easy it is to commit reputation self-sabotage in the Social Media Era.
For more than a decade, retired Americans that are flocking to the culture and arts scenes and state-of-the-art medical facilities