What is Samsung? What value does it truly provide for its customers? How does it make their lives better? How is the experience
Jets - powerful, lightning fast particles - are the beasts of the universe, far larger than anything visible in optical image
T-Mobile offers Sharon Lewis an upgraded phone, but is it telling her the whole story? To find out, read on. Question: I
The Herschel Space Observatory offers an unprecedented look at our galactic home.
Stunning video takes us into the center of the galaxy, which is packed with stars.
Astronomers say the ribbon-like structure is more than twice as long as our home galaxy is wide.
Thirty years to the day after Doc Brown took Marty McFly to the future - I'm in a dome practicing for a trip to Mars. Sadly, we are doing this without the assistance of hoverboards (for now). Happily, our pockets are still in our pants.
The bright light of the star fragments is formed by gas and dust.
In the observable universe, galaxies (the gravitational grouping of stars, dust, gas and dark matter) come in three main flavors: spirals, ellipticals and irregulars. Yet each flavor has its own distinguishing characteristic.
Scientists at Caltech have confirmed the distance of the furthest galaxy known in the Universe as of today. The light from this very early celestial comes just 570 million years after the Big Bang.
This one-minute animation reveals what happens when big galaxies collide with little galaxies
The paper about the super-luminous galaxy was slated for publication today in The Astrophysical Journal. This particular
(Story continues below images.) The galaxy EGS-zs8-1 as shown in a Hubble image of a field of galaxies. Yale astronomer Pascal
Old-school music lovers can scramble to buy one of the 1,000 vinyl copies of the single, while Hawking fans who've joined