galaxy s iv

"Due to overwhelming global demand of Galaxy S4, the initial supply may be limited. We expect to fulfill inventory to meet
Three of the new devices are related to S Health, a fitness tracking app that debuted with the Galaxy S4. Samsung will sell
It's the day so many of you have been waiting for: the Samsung Galaxy S4 has finally arrived. In an unveiling at New York's
Group Play: Allows multiple Galaxy S4 owners in close proximity to join a private network in which they can, among other
Samsung did not immediately announce a price or release date, but did say that in the U.S., the Galaxy S4 would be available
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With the launch event for the Galaxy S IV just two days away -- on the evening of Thursday, March 14th, barring unforeseen circumstances -- you just had to know that photos and videos of Samsung's next flagship smartphone would start to leak out.
Enough throat-clearing and speculation, though: We're getting closer and closer to actual, verified photos and videos of
FURTHER MOVES TOWARD INDESTRUCTIBILITY In 2012, it was kind of a big deal when companies like HTC and Samsung introduced
This is a a change-of-pace, as generally these things have a way of leaking out prior to the grand reveal (just ask Apple