And on the right It is to be found in the dining room of a late Roman-era villa that succumbed to an earthquake in 363 C.E
Researchers in Israel believe they may have discovered an ancient town that was home to Mary Magdalene — the first witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Wandering around the narrow, labyrinthine lanes of Jerusalem's Old City, past wall-to-wall shops selling everything from exquisite rugs to knock-off watches to world-class tchotchkes, it's easy to imagine what this spot must have looked like thousands of years ago.
Among the greatest of teachers, I personally hold Amos Gitai in a top position. His work -- such as his latest masterpiece Tsili -- is insightful, groundbreaking, thought-provoking, strong, full of emotions and always entertaining. The best example of cinema with a conscience.
Three previous summers of excavations unearthed some fascinating but traditionally biblical discoveries, but during the 2014
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The head administrator of NASA made a surprise landing on Jan. 28 in an unusual place to promote the farfetched idea of bringing the Jewish and Arab communities of Israel together -- through research into outer space.
Following the report, Jay Heiler, a Quayle campaign spokesman, said that the congressman did enter the water while on the
The market is always an accurate barometer of growing season - some last luscious and very ripe figs, attractive tomatoes