As you walk up from the western entrance to the hilltop fort built in the crusader period, you'll pass through a kaleidoscope
Researchers in Israel believe they may have discovered an ancient town that was home to Mary Magdalene — the first witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Wandering around the narrow, labyrinthine lanes of Jerusalem's Old City, past wall-to-wall shops selling everything from exquisite rugs to knock-off watches to world-class tchotchkes, it's easy to imagine what this spot must have looked like thousands of years ago.
Among the greatest of teachers, I personally hold Amos Gitai in a top position. His work -- such as his latest masterpiece Tsili -- is insightful, groundbreaking, thought-provoking, strong, full of emotions and always entertaining. The best example of cinema with a conscience.
There on the floor of a 5th century synagogue in the ancient Jewish village of Huqoq was an entire mosaic panel depicting
Hey handsome! If you friend me, I'll friend you! I'm looking for a guy who "likes" Facebook as much as I do.
The head administrator of NASA made a surprise landing on Jan. 28 in an unusual place to promote the farfetched idea of bringing the Jewish and Arab communities of Israel together -- through research into outer space.
Heiler told the Republic that Quayle had drank only one glass of wine with his dinner, and that his wife, who was pregnant
Clothing is routinely hung on clotheslines (conserving energy) and dishwashing is truly an art; how to wash pots, pans and
The biblical injunction of not doing unto others what you would not have done to you is buried under Israel's complex struggle for existence in a hostile environment and an innate need to perpetuate its status as the victim it once was, a need that blinds it to the suffering of others.
This trip began in the Galilee region of Israel where agriculture is everywhere, from large-scale operations to small family
It is Passover, a holiday celebrated with themes of redemption and remembrance, family gathering and food. Visits to 2 local