You cannot go very far with Megan Hilty without mention of her ill-fated television show, Smash and so a few Marc Shaiman
Watermelons exploding in super slow motion with glitter, fire and a Caribou soundtrack? Perhaps this is the way we were always
Appearing opposite the watermelon-smashing comic is New York comedian Will Hines, clearly soaking up a once-in-a-lifetime
It's hard not to feel bad for the comedian as he describes his day-to-day routine of sleeping in a Super 8 motel, walking
Between her cloyingly unfunny sitcom, New Girl, and her ubiquitous iPhone 4 commercials, she's way overfulfilled my daily -- nay, annual or even lifetime -- recommended dosage of Zooey Deschanel quirk.
The biggest issue facing Colorado and the key to addressing the important issues listed above is the resolution of the conflicts within the state constitution.
The comedian also suffered a heart attack last year in Minnesota, where he collapsed at the end of a show. Gallagher, known
His performance dates for this weekend and next have been rescheduled but upcoming dates remain in place. Scherrer also said
Lawmakers are still incensed over yesterday's appearance by prop comedian Gallagher before a House Subcommittee on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture.
Thursday "Don't Do Anything Stupid." Filed by: Father Tony Yup, I'm a racist! Filed by: Bil Browning Coming Out to Iowa Filed
Who is Sarah Ball and why is she saying awful things about Emo Phillips? And, why is she not saying awful things about Robin Williams?