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We found the best Black Friday deals on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite that gamers will go gaga for.
Choose your actions wisely as you serve Queen Bey for a day -- or her legal team will terminate your sorry butt.
Save on Nintendo Switch games, bundles, accessories and even screen protectors 🎮
Alt-right mascot doesn't make the cut for the Apple store.
Engineering students at the University of Michigan spent three years developing the world’s largest free-standing, hand-solvable Rubik’s cube. The massive puzzle weighs 1,500 pounds.
But at the same time you can create a dummy Google account linked to your main account only to play for Pokémon GO which solves some of the privacy concerns. So is there legitimacy to the concern to your digital identity?
By AsiaToday reporter Kim Ye-jin - Pokémon Go is a new sensation. The incredibly popular augmented reality mobile game which
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"My approach was not to take a pro- or anti-hunting/trophy position," photographer Pierre Abensur explained.
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With the loss of the only gay male lead in a mainstream comic book series, it leaves a hole in the social consciousness of America. If mainstream studios won't create comic books with gay leading characters, then it's up to independent authors to create them.