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Forget the murder, betrayal and suffering in "Game of Thrones." The people of the Seven Kingdoms need only to play a game
A reality check is coming. "South Park" is known for satirizing major pop culture figures and events, but "Game of Thrones
Finally, Tyrion Lannister has the theme song he's been needing. "Lannista's Paradise" is the first single from "Shame Of
What happens when you drop Netflix's most power-hungry anti-hero into HBO's most politically tumultuous environment? You
The boys from "South Park" show up at "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin's house on this week's episode of the Comedy
We seriously could not get enough of it when Bad Lip Reading turned the HBO series "Game of Thrones" into a land of pure
We can't decide if this re-imagining of "Game Of Thrones" by the folks at Bad Lip Reading makes life in Westeros seem better
The only way "Game Of Thrones" or "Breaking Bad" could be any better is if you combined them into one super show... obviously
Don't tell these women about the Red Wedding. We're not sure they can take it. Via Tastefully Offensive
h/t Jezebel Scroll through the slideshow below for a look at Wroebel's awesome TV-inspired creations and let us know what
After recovering from the initial trauma of Sunday night’s Red Wedding on "Game of Thrones," we couldn’t help but notice
In the days leading up to Friday night's show, Jimmy Fallon had been teasing his followers on social media with sneak peeks
Jimmy Fallon has been teasing us all week with instagrams from "Late Night's" Game Of Desks shoot, the first episode of which
Something seems familiar... is it that we just saw "Game Of Thrones" remixed as a rom com? Or is it that we just saw a "Friends
It's amazing how easily the Jaime and Brienne storyline on "Game Of Thrones" lends itself to a romantic comedy remix. We're
Look, "Game of Thrones" isn't for everyone. It's dark, violent, and somehow can make HBO nudity unsexy. But it's hard not
Highlighting Walt's (Bryan Cranston) illness and Skyler's (Anna Gunn) affair set to melodramatic music, check out a parody
Fans of George RR Martin, you know it's true. He's a harsh writer for people who care about his characters not getting hurt