Game of Thrones Season 2

Excuse us for a second. Oberyn Martell's real-life counterpart is currently making his rounds at Comic Con with the rest
Jon Snow may know nothing when it comes to his parentage, but a few "Game of Thrones" conspiracy theorists think they do
The extras are coming. Fresco Film Services, a production company in Spain that's working with HBO to fill roles for the
Martin has already admitted to revealing his master plan for the rest of the series to Benioff and Weiss with the hopes that
You Know Him As: The brattiest prepubescent kid to ever sit on the Iron Throne, and generally, the worst person on the entire
Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers for George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. Don't read if you have not read "A Storm of Swords." All men must die, but not all of them have to stay dead.
Unfortunately for Fairley, and for the fans, it looks like Catelyn Stark is staying where she is: six feet under. Fairley
Sit back and enjoy every grisly death -- all 169 of them -- that happened in Season 4, set to a jazzy upbeat tune of course
TorrentFreak -- the apparent authority illegal Internet downloading -- released data this week confirming what we all know
Ever wonder what a "Game of Thrones" yearbook might look like? Well, thanks to the Huffington Post's Troy Dunham, now you
This is the mashup we never knew we wanted. The latest installment of "Game of Thrones" saw a battle of epic proportions
Warning: This story and infographic contain spoilers for Season 4 of "Game of Thrones." h/t Fishfinger Creative Agency Game
The boss would not be happy about this. HBO released their latest numbers this week, confirming what plenty of TV fanatics
Warning: This post contains spoilers for 'Game of Thrones' Season 4, Episode 8 "The Mountain Vs. The Viper." If there are
"Game of Thrones," known for gruesome deaths and gratuitous sex scenes, will soon also be recognized for its educational
Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Don't read if you haven't seen Season 4, Episode 8 "The Mountain and The Viper." In the "Game of
Oh, the '80s. It was a time of big hair, leg warmers, leather jackets and mullets. It was also one of the greatest decades
The show, based off of George R. R. Martin's fantasy book series, is known for shocking its fans with plot twists and major
The "GoT" star stopped by MTV to talk with Josh Horowitz about his upcoming movie "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" and when the