game of thrones season 5

Like all women I know who do watch the show and read the books, I entered the fanbase by recommendation from a man already watching the show, AKA the only Game of Thrones point of entry for women.
Liam Cunningham opens up about that spoiler George R.R. Martin told him.
If we actually think about it, Game of Thrones is more of a fictional historical show than it is straight-up fantasy. Sure, magic, dragons and White Walkers appear in the story, but these are not what drives the plot.
After last week's Game of Thrones episode, "Hardhome", I wrote here that we were basically tricked into seeing the White Walkers as villains, which they are probably not. Well, after episode 9, "Dance with Dragons", the opposite should be said about the dragons.
CORRECTION: The character of Ellaria Sand was initially misidentified as a Martell; she and Oberyn Martell had not married
CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misstated Kerry Ingram's first name, as well as what kind of wooden animal
"Game of Thrones" deaths are nothing unusual and fans are used to losing some of their favorite characters, including ones