game of thrones theme song

After long pondering the glory of transplanting the Iron Throne to Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II's subjugation of
We all hum the "Game of Thrones" theme song whenever an episode starts -- or whenever we are thinking about watching the
Check out the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys doing a foot-stopping New Orleans jazz -- or, as they call it, "jass" -- version
Dan Newbie can turn anything into an instrument. He blew us away with his cover of the iconic "Super Mario Bros." music a
According to YouTuber Daniel Koren, what viewers really desire from the hit show is more Peter Dinklage. Many fans have a
VAN JAM presents: GAME OF THRONES by Brendon Small and The VJ's from Jamie Flam on Vimeo. Brendan Small, the mastermind behind
In other news, it turns out the composer of the series' original ballad, Ramin Djawadi, is a total babe. Watch out, Jon Snow
File this under Things That Are Awesome! (which we have). Lyle Anderson, who's been the official carillonneur at the University
The HBO drama's unaired pilot script reportedly surfaced online this week, and io9 listed the main differences between the
Get More: MTV Shows MTV Geek challenged "Game of Thrones" castmembers to sing the theme at the Season 3 premiere on Monday
In the mashup above, musician Sagar Jethan combines the familiar theme songs of "Downton Abbey" and the more daunting "Game