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“It was like being edged for four days straight,” the “Price is Right’” host said of the concert during an unhinged moment on “After Midnight.”
"My wife and I immediately made eye contact and laughed out loud when she did that," one social media user wrote.
The "Jeopardy!" host seemed like he would gracefully decline the contestant's wacky ask, but actually followed through on it.
A feisty contestant visibly scared host Pat Sajak when she lost a car due to the oddly worded answer.
The "Reading Rainbow" host previously said he was "thrilled" to be part of the show, an adaptation of Trivial Pursuit.
At least seven contestants slated for the upcoming Tournament of Champions say they won’t participate if the WGA strike continues into the fall.
See if you can guess the phrase that cost one contestant a massive bonus on Thursday's episode.
Back in 2007, the future Fox News anchor filmed six episodes of a game show called — get this — "Do You Trust Me?"