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“He has a point,” the game show later said on social media.
“There never has been, and never will be, any justification for treating Jeopardy! as the Olympics of quizzing," the three-time winner wrote.
During an “Inside Jeopardy!” podcast on Monday, the executive producer said it was a "not yet reined-in idea."
Fans of the trivia game show are fired up over a potential rule change.
Executive producer Mike Davies said the possible game change could come during a “Jeopardy!” tournament this season.
Viewers asked why some written answers counted in previous episodes of the game show when others did not.
Spoiler alert: he didn’t make it easy. In fact, his hilarious trolling from 1999 made the phrase “you fool” trend on Twitter.
Chris Davidson got a "we can't accept that" from host Pat Sajak, and a pricey vacation went down the drain.