Brianna Wu is a videogame developer who was targeted by Gamergate after speaking out against misogyny in the gaming industry. Now she’s taking on politics to level the playing field.
The software engineer fought the internet's worst. Now she's ready to bring the fight to Congress.
Trump’s younger supporters know he’s an incompetent joke -- that’s why they support him.
This trend has continued in the persistent harassment of now former Nintendo employee Alison Rapp. Rapp is no stranger to
In the world of Gamergate, empathy isn’t allowed, the harassment women face online is exaggerated, and online abuse doesn't
Uninformed in this way, we risk alienating half the population--not only to the detriment of the gaming market, but to the
Zoe Quinn: "Trying to get the law to protect me has only continually put me in harm’s way."
Maybe 2016 will be bett -- [interrupted by deafening laughter]
Everything about domestic violence and harassment is about power -- robbing the victim of any sort of agency and giving the abuser the feeling that he or she has the right to do what he/she is doing. The dual face of domestic violence perpetrated through threats in person and online is that there is literally nowhere in my daily life that I feel completely safe anymore.
The festival wants to compensate with a full-day summit on the issue.
She said the festival had aided those behind "harassment & misogyny."
SXSW festival organizers are considering an all-day event that focuses primarily on combatting online harassment, sources