The clerk is facing a manslaughter charge after police said he shot the shoplifter as he was attempting to leave the store.
Alex Kearns' parents say the 20-year-old was led to believe he'd lost $730,000 on stock trades made via the investment app prior to his death last year.
The stock-trading app, under fire for halting buying during small investors' GameStop run, is trying to win back its image.
Those who recently flipped shares of GameStop, AMC or other "meme stocks" for a profit will have to pay up in April of 2022.
Only about 1% of investors are successful at timing the stock market.
Bad news is on the rise in the cold open with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, GameStop, O.J. Simpson getting a vaccine and wacky social media moguls.
The video game retailer shot up nearly 70%, clawing back much of its steep loss from the day before.
Some of Wall Street’s biggest players are crying foul after amateur investors rallied behind GameStop, losing hedge funds billions of dollars. Others say they’ve just been beaten at their own game.
Free trading apps like Robinhood have seen an influx of new users ― and the video game retailer's stock surge is tied into that.