In “Loev,” Jai and Sahil find companionship where they least expect it.
[Broken pieces of idols become hotspots for mosquito breeding./ Photographed by Jeong In-seo] Currently, New Delhi is battling
To give a sense of the moving ground, following a February 2016 astrobiology symposium at CTI that Frank Rosenzweig, principal
Some even involved hand to hand fights with wild animals and others to the death. As I mentioned, Ganesha was by far the
It is not uncommon to hear that the myths of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, and of Daksha, the goat-headed god found in the Hindus Puranas, are Hindu endorsements of xeno-transplantation.
She decided to name him after the Hindu god, Ganesh.
The youths were participating in a ceremony honoring the god Ganesha.
In a Hindu wedding it is typical to offer praise and ask for the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the god who is prayed to before all others in any Hindu religious service. In a traditional wedding service, a priest or pandit will usually honor this deity -- known for his elephant head and his many powers -- with a puja or ritual known as Ganesha Pujan.
The fingernails on Jamuna Gurung's hardy hands are just the right length: Short enough to do work, long enough to be stylish.
When imagining a future for Hinduism, I believe that, true to form, it will continue to flow forth - negotiating new terrain as needed, at once distinct and the same, sustaining life as it goes.