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During a roundtable on California sanctuary city laws, President Donald Trump said some gang members in the country illegally aren’t people, but “animals.”
Henley emphasized that he does not believe rioting is the answer. Eugene "Big U" Henley said on Tuesday that he understands
Jafet Glissant was 14 years old when he joined Ciudad de Dios, a gang named after Cidade de Deus, the Brazilian film about street gangs in Rio de Janeiro. Today, he's a tour guide with Fortaleza Tours.
In June the Manhattan district attorney and the New York City police commissioner garnered significant media attention after a pre-dawn raid resulted in the indictment of more than 100 gang members in Harlem. But what happens after the headlines fade away?
The threat to our society today lies in the criminal acquisition of firearms. One place we can look for guidance in legislation is any place that has had a strict gun policy.
Despite the desperate backgrounds of Homegirl Café trainees -- everyone is either a previous gang member, drug addict, previously incarcerated or all three -- the place has a sunny interior, colorful artwork on the walls, and food that is fresh and delicious.
Kennedy says many gang members are "scared to death themselves, they just don't know a way out." "You sit the gang members
This fall, the Newark Police Department will offer gang members two choices: quit the life or go to federal prison. The strategy
Homeboy Industries today is a bustling bundle of different offices and departments. A non-profit organization, it is proud to call itself the largest gang rehabilitation program anywhere.